14 Fonts Similar to Helvetica

Do your projects need a familiar but unique look? Here are the 14 best fonts similar to Helvetica including our top Helvetica alternatives.

Of the many celebrated fonts there are today, Helvetica is definitely near the top of the list, if not the top!

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Helvetica (and its many variants such as Helvetica Neue and Helvetica Now) is one of the most popular sans serif typefaces of all time. This particular visual solution was produced by Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann in 1957. Since then, European-inspired lettering grew to become a versatile option for both creatives and corporate professionals.

Sporting tight spaces between letters and an interesting balance of Neo-grotesque features and square-looking edges, there’s a lot to fall in love and work with here. As such, it should shock no one how Helvetica-inspired fonts are beginning to emerge on the internet, as well.

If you’re looking to replicate the freshness, authenticity, edginess, and legibility of Helvetica, consider the following options.

Fonts Similar to Helvetica

  1. Visby Pro
  2. JUST Sans
  3. VISIA Pro
  4. Exensa Grotesk
  5. LORIN
  6. Aeon Hexa Typeface
  7. Multipa Basic Pack
  8. HERZ
  9. CA Saygon Text
  10. HAMLIN
  11. Grotte Font
  12. Zwizz Typeface
  13. Another Grotesk Display Family
  14. GGX89

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